About Rev.Dr Robin Joseph

Dr Robin Joseph is a Indian Pastor, Apostle,Prophet of the Nation,motivational speaker ,entrepreneur And General overseer of The Church of Miracles New Delhi a non dinominational church in India and Manager Director of Experience Holyland tours Travel company in India. Born in 1st oct 1983 into a humble Roman catholic family and a only son . His father Joseph kurusinnggal from Kerala died Of Heartattack when he was only 12 years old . His widow mother Reena Joseph from madhyapradesh took care of him and build a strong catholic faith in him when at the age of 21 his mother diagnosed with Cancer. And there was no chance for her as the Doctor stated, It was when he took the Bible and commanded the sickness and tumor to go in the name of Jesus Christ When his mother went for the surgery it was found that there was no cancer in her .

She was totally healed.He then Baptise and born again.It was Then he felt a call of God in his life took the Bible and started his evangelical meetings in different places of India.With the humble beginning as and the fulfillment of the scriptures in mark 16:20 declares And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following.

Amen.and Zechariah 4:10 Which declares,"despise not the days of small beginning.It is evident many healed and delivered by evil spirit in his crusades of Aides,cancers, and many many diseases.

Apostle Robin Joseph married His Anglo Indian wife Suzanna Robin Joseph who was the second child of 4 children of her Parents Duncan Dunn and Dorothy Dunn.

She is a born again Christian from her family. Serves as a co-pastor with her husband Founder and general overseer of The church of Miracles. Rev. Dr. Suzanna Robin is a Anointed Senior worship leader and Pastor Prophetess of his ministry and The Church of Miracles .

Both served together in the ministry with their kids Jessica grace Joseph and Rebecca rose Joseph

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At the heart of our community is a mission to foster a vibrant and genuine relationship with God through prayer, reflection, and fellowship.....

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